Digital Solutions

Digital transformation drives efficiency in all areas of our customers' businesses. From customer acquisition and on-boarding through self-care and customer-care to usage, billing and payment, our Digital Solutions provide the processes and services for highly efficient business operation.

Identification Services

Driven by regulation, data integrity or automation requirements the formal identification of customers against their ID documents is often a mandatory step during the customer onboarding or a sales process.
Typical requirements are:

  • identify the customer compliant with law, regulation and data protection
  • correlate customer and product data
  • transmit customer and product data to the backend systems
  • provide feedback to the dealer about the success of the selling process

mvneco offers a variety of suitable methods, which are very easy to use, fast and reliable. Thousands of dealers are using mvneco ident tools and verify many thousands of IDs every day. High conversion rates close to 100% are standard.


mvneco has developed systems for a variety of electronic identification solutions based on techniques such as electronic identification (eID) or optical character recognition (OCR). These services enable dealers to register new customers in a very quick and seamless manner using the customer provided identification documents (e.g. ID card, passport).
As part of an integrated solution, mvneco also provides mechanisms to check customer-provided information such as address information against third-party databases. Credit checks or credit scoring can also be performed when required in customer signup or product selling processes.

Address Check

Address checking and address completion are used by many of our customers during customer onboarding. These services help determine the products which can be offered to a customer and also ensure the quality of address data in your customer database.

Payment Services

Next to a wide range of payment methods for service providers and retailers our payment gateway also provides reconciliation processes to link received payments to goods sold, invoices and payment provider transactions. Charge-back handling is supported as well.. Customizable risk management features help to reduce the risks associated with providing credit to customers.
Our payment gateway handles millions of euro transactions annually and can be provided as a standalone system for integration with customer networks, pre-integrated with payment providers and as part of a solution with other mvneco digital solutions (e.g.BSS). It is currently used by mobile service providers, online retailers, digital content providers and other customers.
Payments can be handled for subscription services and also services in a non- subscription model (e.g. e-books, games).

Payment Methods

End customers and subscribers expect to pay for their goods and services with their individually available or preferred payment method. Accordingly, retailers and service providers need to offer a wide range of payment methods to their customers. The following list shows examples of currently supported payment methods and features:

  • Payment from a wallet
  • Master wallets, allowing a group of users to pay from one shared wallet
  • Special purpose wallets, allowing payments only for a defined set of products
  • One-time payments
  • Subscription-based payments
  • Top-ups including:
    • » auto recurring/scheduled
    • » Direct Debit
    • » based on low wallet threshold
  • Carrier Billing
  • Paypal
  • VISA/MasterCard
  • paysafecard
  • SEPA
  • Vouchers:
    • » Money vouchers
    • » Value vouchers (usage for specific purchase)

E-Commerce Services

mvneco’s specialised team offers a smart way to implement your e-commerce solutions, no matter if the basis is a opensource system or the commercial SAP CX (Hybris) suit. Our journey with you brings an end-to-end digital transformation of your business. Your existing systems will be integrated as needed. Outstanding cost effciency is ensured.
These e-commerce solutions include:

  • Complete digital transformation including development and maintenance of preferred systems, from opensource (like spreecommerce) to SAP CX applications.
  • Taking over an existing (SAP CX) application for maintenance and development with cost effective fixed price approach.
  • SAP CX consultancy to other companies across Europe.
  • Integrate our existing payment aggregator service with SAP CX.

Our unique skills help you to build and innovate omni-channel solution for ecommerce business across Europe.

Retail & POS Services

mvneco provides Point of Sale (POS) solutions to retailers. These solutions are focussing on partner portals for retailers to directly sell digital or physical goods to their customers in their stores.
Furthermore identification services are also provided to retailers at the POS wherever a customer needs to be verified, e.g. purchase of a SIM card in some countries.

The key features of retail & POS solutions are

  • Partner Web Portal
  • Dealer Commissioning
  • Sales Support APPs
  • Customer Identification

Please visit as an example of such an implementation

BSS/CRM Services

Our BSS/CRM can be used to operate and manage fixed or mobile telecom service providers, energy utilities as well as any other large business customer processes and services. The solution is provided as a managed service and can also be fully hosted by mvneco.
The BSS/CRM has been developed and tailored for any kind of service provider by mvneco. It provides a comprehensive solution to manage

  • Prepaid Customers and Subscriptions
  • Postpaid Customers and Subscriptions
  • Business Customers and Subscriptions

All needed components are selected in consultation with customers based on their requirements. Beside some inter-component dependencies all components are optional. This allows great customisability and flexibility in our offer. In addition we frequently build and integrate new components to meet specific customer requirements.
In case that you may already have some components in place mvneco will integrate with those third-party solutions. Integration and also migration of legacy systems are a key strength of mvneco.

Core Features

There are a number of core features of the BSS/CRM:


    A central store for customer, product, service, tariff, contact history, customer orders and usage data.


    The BSS/CRM can be configured so that customers can resell (wholesale) their service to other business or create multiple brands in their own business with different offerings and tariffs. The BSS supports this with a multi- tenancy model where each tenant or service provider has own configurable data, for example branding or pricing.

    Product Catalogue

    The product catalogue of the BSS defines the tariff plans and tariff options available to subscriptions including the relation between them and additional information such as price, periodicity, classification rules etc. within the scope of a tenant.

    Integration Layer

    The BSS/CRM can be integrated with external systems and service providers, using standard and custom interfaces. For example SEPA Banking, Credit Card Payment Providers and many others.

    User & Role Management

    The mvneco BSS manages users of different categories with different roles. Categories include e.g. Self-Care users, Call-Center staff, Sales-Partners, End- Customers, and administrative users.

Billing & Finance

A key function of the BSS is to charge subscribers and others for subscription to and usage of the customer's services. The BSS and its set of integrated components manages the associated payment and revenue flows for the customer.

  • Real Time Charging
  • Payment Gateway
  • Reconciliation
  • Mediation
  • Rating
  • Billing & Accounting
  • Invoicing Of Business And Private Customers
  • Bill Presentation
  • Collections
  • Dunning
  • Sub-ledger Management
  • GL-export
  • Revenue Assurance
  • Inter-Operator/Carrier Billing
  • Fraud Management

Customer Management/CRM

Customers, their data and other resources need to be managed. The data is required for many functions including Billing, Customer Care and many others. mvneco Customer Management manages the whole lifecycle associated with customers and their data. mvneco provides Customer Management with integrated components for handling the data from initial contact / registration through usage and billing.

  • Customer Management
  • Subscription Management
  • Lead Management
  • Sales Partner Management
  • Sales Partner Portal
  • Campaign Management
  • Customer Care
  • Customer Selfcare
  • Provisioning
  • Verification Services
  • Identity Check
  • Address Check
  • Credit Check
  • Customer Contact History

Extended Components

  • Inventory Management
  • SIM Card Management
  • Number Management
  • Voucher Management
  • Reporting
  • Data Warehouse
  • Telecom Number Portability

Telecom Services

Through several longterm partnerships and in-house innovation, mvneco can offer Telecom solutions to service providers and enterprises. All of these customizable products can be used standalone or integrated with other mvneco digital services.

Cloud Unified Communications

The Cloud UC Services can be used as an extension of the existing system interface (value-added services for business trunking), as well as a platform for all standard PBX functions. Moreover, a further option is the integration of additional functions, such as the cloud call center or hospitality solutions, as well as integration of your personal mobile phone.

Fixed Network

mvneco can offer telecom systems to service providers either as standalone solutions or part of an integrated solution. The systems are available for fixed and mobile networks and include:

  • Unified Communications
  • Softswitch capability (Class 4 and Class 5)
  • Softclients/Apps
  • Voice Application Servers

Online Charging System (OCS)

mvneco are experts in the integration, deployment and management of OCS Solutions. The OCS solutions are integrated with our BSS/CRM.

Messaging Based Solutions

Interaction with customers and end users using messaging (e.g. SMS) is a requirement of many digital transformation initiatives. Although to some seen as legacy communications, the SMS channel is particularly robust and ubiquitous as it does not require the user to own a smart phone. The SMS channel can be used for:

  • notifications
  • marketing campaigns
  • two factor authentication
  • payment
  • account interrogation (e.g. balance query)
  • purchase service and selection of service options

Our Messaging solutions can be tailored for single-user interactions and for bulk messaging (e.g. campaign).

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interaction with customers and end users using voice is a (legacy) requirement of some digital transformation initiatives. Voice and DTMF communication is probably the most ubiquitous of all channels as it only requires a telephone, mobile or fixed/PSTN. Our IVR can be used for:

  • two-factor authentication using outdial
  • payment
  • voucher usage
  • account interrogation (e.g. balance query)
  • purchase service and selection of service options